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The Manufacturing Process

Growing and processing natural rubber is one of the most complex agricultural industries and requires several years. It combines botany, chemistry, and sophisticated machinery with dexterous skills of the people who harvest the trees. The production of natural latex is described below.


  • Seeds from high-grade trees are planted and allowed to grow for about 12 to 18 months in the nursery before a new bud is grafted to the seedling. More than four million seeds from select rubber trees are planted, but only about 60% of these seeds end up healthy.  After bud grafting, the year-old seedling tree is cut back and is ready for transplanting. The bud sprouts shortly after transplanting, resulting in a new tree with better properties. Rubber trees are planted in rows 22 feet apart, with 11 feet between each tree. It will take about six to seven years before they are ready for tapping.


  • Rubber trees are tapped for latex once every 3 days. They can harvest about six hundred trees per day, 6 days of the week.
  • To harvest latex, a worker shaves off a slanted strip of bark halfway around the tree and about one third in (0.84 cm) deep. Precise skill is required for if the tree is cut too deeply, the tree will be irreparably damaged. If the cut is too shallow, the maximum amount of latex will not flow. The latex then bleeds out of the severed vessels, flows down along the cut until it reaches a spout, and finally drops into a collection cup that will later be drained.
  • Tapping is repeated every other day by making thin shavings just below the previous cut. When the last scar created by the cuts is about 1 ft (0.3 m) above the ground, the other side of the tree is tapped in similar fashion, while the first side renews itself. Each tapping takes about three hours and produces less than a cup of latex.


  • Trees are tapped early in the morning - the harvester comes back around midday to collect the cups of latex.
  • Trees will produce about a third less latex if tapping starts later in the day.
  • The latex are poured in buckets and weighed before they are transferred to tubs and send off to the factory.

The Benefits

  • By supporting natural products such as 100% pure latex balloons we encourage the growth of trees. Trees consume carbon dioxide (CO2) which slows the effects of global warming.
  • By the planting of rubber plantations we prevent deforestation.