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Code Of Conduct

All SAABI members adhere to our strict code of conduct. This ensures a professional service everytime.

Welcome to the South African Association of the Balloon Industry

SAABI stands for the Southern African Association for the
alloon Industry.

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The Southern African Association for the Balloon Industry (SAABI) is dedicated to maintaining and improving the standards of efficiency and professionalism for the balloon decorating industry in southern Africa. It is our aim to establish a network of hardworking, well trained balloon decorators who are able to supply solid professional advice and offer creative solutions.


Each member within our association will have access to the finest products and state-of-the-art equipment available to our industry which allows us to not only work faster and more efficiently but also allows us to offer a guarantee on the quality of our workmanship.

The importance of using a trained professional

Many professional balloon decorators will be able to relate the funny looks and raised eyebrows, I get whenever I am asked about my profession at parties, etc. Most people have the perception that balloons are simple and really not that difficult to get involved in.


However, balloon décor is a real art form. It requires skill, talent and an eye for detail in order to be a good decorator. To be an excellent decorator, you will also be required to be a perfectionist with a solid understanding of your clients' needs. Professional decorators are not only capable of creating beautiful designs, but will also know how to attract the attention of their target market, whilst at the same time ensuring that all work is done in compliance with all required safety standards.


Whenever a corporate company requires the services of a balloon decorator, it is predominantly for the purpose of attracting attention to their brand. All of these companies spend a fortune on creating the perfect logo, choosing the correct colour scheme and the implementing of impressive marketing campaigns, yet whenever they use a balloon decorator to draw attention to all of this, they neglect to do their homework sufficiently in selecting the services of a professional decorator. Whenever bad balloon décor is set up in the public domain, it not only does incredible damage to the balloon industry in general, but also to the brand of the company who entrusted them with their brand.

Below are a few images I came across demonstrating the damage caused by unprofessional and untrained decorators. Unfortunately, this particular example was found in a very busy shopping centre during the world cup. It saddens me to think about the thousands of potential clients who are left with such an bad impression of balloon décor, most of them will not consider using balloon décor for their special events because of this.


Latest News and Events

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    Take a look at these fun and funky creations used during the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2010. All designs were created by Marie

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Balloons used in adverts

Black Balloons Energy Saving Campaign
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Cute Minute Maid Bunny Advert
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Vodacom add – Balloon decor done by
SAABI member Partyshop (watch 19-20sec)**
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Very Cool Scheppes Advert
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Ford Mondeo Advert
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Citroën C4 Visiospace 2010
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  • Madelein from Karma Balloons
    Retail Decor - Angelo Super Spar, Nigel