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Why use one of our members?

SAABI members are not only very creative and enthusiastic about balloons, but also have in-depth knowledge about marketing and attracting attention with balloons. All members are trained to analyse each venue taking into consideration the required lifespan of the décor, aesthetic appeal and the required safety standards.

With our extensive experience in the field you can leave it up to us to analyse your venue and present you with a professional proposal.
After care comes part and parcel with our services leaving you to tend to your business while we ensure your décor remains fresh and maintained.

 Arches, Pillars & Frames
Tired of the boring spiral arch? Let us design something totally unique.
Need numbering or lettering designs? No problem!  We can create any number, letter or design on the scale that you need.

Let us inspire you with eye-catching centrepieces tailor-made for any kind of event or theme. We can easily promote your product or brand by incorporating it into the design. 

Logos& Branding
Balloons are the perfect medium to attract the attention of young and old. No logo or brand is impossible to recreate with balloons.

Retail Décor
With our experience and knowledge we understand the particular needs a retail business requires. After a careful analysis of your store we will provide you with creative solutions considering all the aspects starting by placing the correct emphasis on key areas and products, safety requirements and the time constraints that comes with the territory. 

Themed Décor
Name the theme and we can create it! Nothing creates atmosphere quite like balloons. Whether your require fun & funky, elegant or smart, ethereal and dreamy we can assist you in transforming your venue into any theme you desire. We guarantee delight and amazement from your guests.

Wedding Décor
Balloon décor for weddings is not a new art. It marries the tactile with the aesthetic. Even though the whimsical décor pieces will not last forever the memory of their beauty will for sure be enduring.
SAABI members are well versed in listening and will be able to translate and create any style a bride might wish for on her special day.

Special Effects
With our special effects equipment we can easily add a little extra pizzazz to your wedding or special event.
SAABI members can offer you the following special effects and incorporate them with your décor: 

      Confetti Cannons
      state-of-the art cannons that operate via remote control. Cannons for indoor or outdoor use are available. 

      Balloon Exploders
      Let us create a spectacular show on your opening dance by exploding a large 3-foot balloon and release a large quantity of smaller heart shaped balloons. Enjoy the show when the little hearts start dropping down one by one floating around to create that extra romantic atmosphere. We can create a wide variety of different scenarios with our balloon exploders. Ideal for launches, weddings and other special events. (Now you can throw away that unprofessional stick with a needle contraption)  

      Balloon Lights
      Balloon lights are the ideal special effect to create ambiance and atmosphere at any event. No more worry about the dangers of candlelight. 

Balloon Bouquet Deliveries
Make an impression that will last a lifetime. Create happiness by sending someone a bold bunch of balloons.
Ideal for: 

Congratulating someone on a new baby/new house/graduation etc.

Thanking someone for a job well done /their loyalty or for their business

Sending birthday wishes

Get well wishes

To say I love you

Bouquets can be branded to reflect your company logo